Lobster Me I LIKE ! It is a American “Fast Food” Chain. Sounds & looks simple but it is DELICOUS! Maybe it is a little bit exxagerated calling it the “World’s Best“. There is a whole Lobster (Large Size 1LBs) in every Roll. For just 10$ more you can double the Lobster. There is no other Place in the U.S. were you get Lobster that cheap. (Roll or Lobster Salad + Drink etc. around 18$).

Of course do not miss the “Lobster Mary” to join your Meal.

You find “Lobster Me” in the Miracle Mile Shops @ Planet Hollywood Hotel and at the Grand Canal Shopping @ Venetian Hotel.


Lobster Mary Magda la Polaca @Lobster Me Lobster Roll by Lobster Me



Take a Night Walk on the Santa Monica Pier. This Pier is a 100 year old Landmark in California. It has always been a popular public Utility. The Pier contains a small “Amusement Park” with a Ferris Wheel, a Carousel from the 1920`s, a Aquarium, Shops, a Porch for Anglers, a Pub and some Restaurants. It is a nice place to hang out Day- or Nighttime. Especially because there is always Entertainment going on: Cinema, Life Music, Concerts. You will find random Artists performing all year long. Just get a bottle of Wine in the Supermarket (make sure you get a paper bag for the Wine bottle and a few plastic Cups – because Alcohol in Public is fortbidden) and enjoy the View and Breeze on the Santa Monica Pier.

The “Front Porch Cinema” is a great experience. Every Friday they show a Movie (Entrance is free). If your interessed in a little Bit of History, ask for the “free historical Walking Tours”!


Aerial view the Santa Monica Pier, near Los Angeles, California.Santa Monica Pier California Santa Monica Pier California Santa Monica Pier California

The Classic Thing to do in L.A -> Spent a Day @ Venice Beach. It is a residential but very commercial beachfront Neighborhood with a lot of Shops and Boutiques around. Here you will also find some “Green Doctors“. Cannibis is “kind of legal” in California and the Green Doctors may prescribe it for 40$. YES thats crazy! Apart from that there are many other Things to do @ Venice Beach:

1. Enjoy the Beach: Spent the day Sunbathing or Surfing.

2. WorkOut: @ the famous “Muscle Beach Gym“. A day pass is 10$. The People that work out there like to be photographed!

Address: Muscle Beach Gym | 1800 Ocean Front Walk | Los Angeles CA 90291








3. Shop: Aside the typical Souvenirs Shops you will find many Stores and Boutiques with casual L.A. Fashion or Art a long the “Front Walk Venice”. Unique Stores like “Titanic” that is acutally a Hat Store give Venice Beach the Unique Flair.

Address: Titanic Boutique | 405 Ocean Front Walk, Venice | Los Angeles CA 90291

Titanic Boutique Venice Beach 20141009_110407Titanic Boutique Venice Beach








4. Have Breakfast or Lunch: There are many Restaurants or small Food Shops. Honestly i can only recommend a few. My favorite one is the “Candle Café and Grill – Classic All- American Beach Gare with a Flair”. The Restaurant looks rather simple but the Service is very friendly and the Food delicious. The Restaurant is “A” certificated! Last time i ordered my favorite Dish the “Humus Plate”.

Lunch @ Cancle Café and Grill

Lunch @ Candle Cafe and Grill









5. Walk down the “Main Road”: The Main Road is parallel to the Ocean Front Walk. At Daytime the sidewalks are crowded and the Cafés are busy. You find a lot of Stores around this Area. At nighttime it gets empty quickly but there are a few Bars open until late. ATTENTION: Everthing in L.A. closes at 2am.

Parking: There is no free Parking for Visitors. There are Parking Lots around. One is directly by the Entrance to Venice Beach (8$ per Day).

The SKYBAR is one of the HotSpots in West Hollywood. It is @ the Mondrian Hotel Los Angeles. This is a great Place to hang out Day- or Nighttime. At Daytime it has more a Pool/Lounge Image but at Nighttime it turns into a Restaurant/Bar. You will have the greatest View over Beverly Hills! (To get a Table at  Nighttime it is a given min. Consuption of 400$.)


http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g33252-d124934-i70156520-Mondrian_Los_Angeles_Hotel-West_Hollywood_California.html http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g33252-d124934-i70156520-Mondrian_Los_Angeles_Hotel-West_Hollywood_California.html

Los Angeles is huge !!! The Traffic can be really bad (depending on the hours) but a Car is necessary. Imagine: A Taxi from our Hotel in Beverly Hills (Sofitel) to the Santa Monica Pier is a 40 min. drive and about 75$. Sure there are ways to use the public transportation. But A car is always more convenient. Especially because the Rental Cars are inexpensive (over Expedia.com you find Offers for 30$ a Day). We rented the typical “Ford Mustang” from “National” over Expedia! If you are doing it – Do it the American Way!

Ford Mustang Ford Mustang

The Moulin Rouge was one of the first cabarets appearing in 1889. Enhanced by the Clash of two centuries, favored by artictic creativity and a new lifestyle driven by the disorder of joy and frivolity. At first we did not expect much from the show. In fact the acrobatic level was low. But the Ambience, Scenery and the Costumes were fantastic. It was like a journey trough time! The Show last about 2 hours, the tickets are quite expensive (332€ for Two, including a Bottle of Champagne) but it was very entertaining and definitely worth it!

Address: Moulin Rouge | 82, Boulevard de Clichy | 75018 Paris


Attention: This is one of the most „French“ but also most expensive Restaurants in Paris. It is very chic and classy. The interior Design is exaclty how i imagined a exclusive french Place, a mix of old fashion with clean modern shapes. The Chef says: “The Menu goes with the Seasons when the Products are the Best”. Let me tell you, the Food is delicious!

Address: Le Meurice | 228 rue de Rivoli |75001 Paris


Le Meurice Hotel Restaurant Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse Salle