I personally think that a “Tango Show” is a “Must Do” in Buenos Aires.
You will find a Tango Show in every corner. Of Course most of the Shows are rather touristic but some of them are really good. Almost every Theater offers as well a Dinner before the TangoShow (Dinner ca. 1,5h and the Show ca. 1,5h). The Tickets cost more or less the same in every Place. I think the Dinner is overpriced. Just GO for the Show! 

My favorite TWO: “Taconeando” & “Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Show”
Both have a “live” Orchester playing, “live” Singer and great Dancer.

TACONEANDO it is a Place were you find real Porteños (People from Buenos Aires) and those who live Tango as a “Lifestyle”. They offer as well Tango classes. The Place is rather small and cosy. But the Ambience is sensual & intensive. Anyone will like Tango after that Show. The Price is 40USD.
Address: Taconeando | Balcarce 725 | San Telmo, Buenos Aires

ESQUINA CARLOS GARDEL is more “staged” and upper scale. The Show is “infectious”! The Ticket Price for just the Show is about 50USD.
Address: Esquina Carlos Gardel | Pasaje Carlos Garde 3200 | 1023 Buenos Aires

Las Vegas alias “Sin City”

Everytime i visit Sin City it is like a new Experience. The City is constantly growing, new Hotels, new Clubs, Shows, Restaurants, Stores & Activities. It is like Disneyland for Adults! Here is nothing impossible. In Vegas you have “Nightlife Atmosphere 247″. At daytime you will always find Music & Entertaiment in the Pool Areas of the Hotels, the Hotel Casinos and Bars are always packed. The Best Parties at daytime are in the “Beachclubs”. In Vegas it is al about the Bling Bling!! It is the Place for wearing clothes you normaly would never put on. Vegas is pretty expensive. To enjoy the Real Las Vegas “Money” is necessary. The only inexpensive thing in Las Vegas is the Acommodation (a Suite in the Hard Rock Hotel for 4 Popele is about 500USD a Week). Entrance to the Clubs is about 100 USD for the Guys and 50USD for Women. Of Course there are always ways to get around the Entrance Fees etc. Women have an easy Game in Vegas. Las Vegas loves Women especially when they are dressed up nicely and ready to party! The Quality of Drinks and Food is “Top Level”. But you also pay the Price for it. Even in the cheapest Places (Fast Food tec.) you will pay at least 20 USD for your Meal + your Drink. Drinks in Bars & Clubs are between 12 -25 USD. The Price for Cigarettes about 12 USD. The Strip is pretty long. It will take you at least 1 hour to pass all the Highlights on the Strip and about 2 hours to pass the whole Strip. The Best Way to get around in Vegas is to take Taxis.

Helicopter Tour over Grand Canyon & Vegas @ Sunset – What a marvelous Adventure!

The Company arrange a Shuttle to get us from the Hotel to a private Airport close to the Strip. We left Las Vegas by Daytime, we flew over the “Hoover Dam” down to a “Platform in the Grand Canyon”. It was about a 1 Hour Ride. The Helicopter has space for 7 People (incl. the Pilot). The Pilot is your Guide -> he will provide you with essential Background Information. Once we arrived at the Platform we had a little Picknick with Champagne! Beautiful Views of the Sunset on the ride back (ca. 30 -45 min.). By the time we arrived at the Strip it was already dark. The Strip was buzzing, full of energy and lights. This whole trip i felt like in a Movie!

To be very honest it was a marvelous experience. If you have the necessary wherewithal it is definitely wort it. If not -> it is not worth the about 500$ per Person. http://www.maverickhelicopter.com/tour-listing.aspx

There are just too many Places in Las Vegas to go Party. Their are all FUN!

My favorite ONES:

@ DayTime: Encore Beach Club (Encore Hotel), Dria´s (Cromwell Hotel)

@ Nighttime: Life (SLS Hotel), Hyde (Bellagio), XS (Encore Hotel)

ATTENTION: Clubbing in Las Vegas is pretty expensive. Table Reservations -> depending ca. 600 – 6000USD. Single Drinks 12 – 25USD. If you do not have Table Reservation the Entrance Fee will be probably 100USD for Men and 50USD for Women. Las Vegas loves Women. They can always find their way around!!